The big something is happening roman reigns vs. baron Corbin at upcoming TLC pay per view on December 15.

However, in keeping with an advertisement from the arena in which the display will be held the Target Center the suit among the SmackDown Superstars will now have a tables stipulation.

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Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin: The story so far

Since being drafted to Smack Down inside the 2019 draft in October, Baron Corbin has made it his assignment to cement his repute because the top male Superstar at the blue emblem beforehand of Roman Reigns. The 2019 King of the Ring winner has made amusing of his rival in numerous in-ring promos, inclusive of one specific phase wherein he teased an appearance from Reigns before bringing out a man wearing a “Big Dog” outfit alternatively. So a long way, the biggest improvement in the storyline got here at Survivor Series, wherein Reigns emerged as the sole survivor on Team SmackDown inside the 5-on-five-on-5 guys’s removal match. Corbin, in the meantime, changed into removed by using Tommaso Ciampa after being attacked by means of Reigns. On the ultra-modern episode of SmackDown, Corbin watched on because the former Shield member defeated Robert Roode earlier than attacking the one-time NXT Champion at ringside.